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Friday, February 25, 2005

Behold: Bit Torrent

Will the real Bram Cohen please stand up? Posted by Hello

Don't let the hairdo fool you, this is the man who invented Bit Torrent, the next step above P2P and new enemy of gigantic commerical media corporations.
Bit Torrent is a file sharing programme that differs much from the likes of Kazza and eDonkey. All the contents such as software, music, movies and games are embedded inside each Bit Torrent file so there is no danger of it being traced, well so far anyway.
There are many sites that hosts these files such as that are filled with all kinds of media. Missed the last UEFA cup match? Or can't wait for the new episodes of whatever? Now you can download them at your own discretion.
The advent of P2P and Bit Torrent hosting has already drastically changed the nature of the medium. Most TV programmes found on Bit Torrent sites excludes commercials so advertisers will feel the brunt of this. Broadcasters know this too and it's time they made their move: either to severly clamp down on this trend or capitalise on it. TV ratings may soon be associated with 'online TV ratings'. But this online broadcasting will make things very volatile; a new TV show may become insanely popular overnight and vice versa. If this trend does continue expodentially, the content distribution industry will soon find itself redundant. And I reply by, boo-frickety-hoo!
By 2006, there will be approximately 40 million Bit Torrent renegades. Viva la revolution

Download the Bit Torrent client here at