[chinese blood, irish heart] - DEFUNCT: Overview of the year of the pig for 2005

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Overview of the year of the pig for 2005

For all you 21's out there, this is the overview of what's to come in 2005..

Some sentimental changes may present themselves during this year. Keep using your imagination and you will turn any and all obstacles to your advantage. Everybody knows that routine and monotony are the worst enemies of love! Get out of a rut and look for some fantasy in love. Be alive in the present moment; do not spend your time thinking about the past or spinning fantasies about the future! The Pig must also cultivate tolerance, for this supreme virtue is capable of reviving extinct or dying sentimental fires.

Feng shui what-cha-majiggy experts also said that it's a bad year for pigs education and career-wise. I'm not too sceptical, but i do think i have an advantage! Firstly, since this is my last ever semester in college, we only get one exam. And career?? Pssh, don't think I'll be seeing a regular paycheck anytime soon.. I'll be walking the earth like David Carradine man!! (and getting money from the 'rents with Western Union, lol)