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Thursday, December 22, 2005

That time of the year again..

So it's almost Christmas, that wacky seasonal event where copious intake of joy and goodwill is in order.
It'll be a quiet one for me, not just because I'm away from home, but then again I had lost interest in Christmas a long time ago: The tackily gifted presents, frantic shopping, lucious pine trees all done up nice 'n pretty only to be dumped later and the temporary sense of charity.
Is this real way to celebrate Jesus Christ's birthday? Of course not, it has long been hijacked by PR and advertising companies since the birth of Kris Kringle. Ha, how many Christmas cards do you see Jesus on it?
The New Year is the one for me. A good time for reflection and learning from past mistakes. I know I've had it bad this year, particularly in the past 6 months. But now that I'm recovering nicely, the beginning of 2006 will require me to do some serious soul-searching as to what 'I want to do.' Having being put on hold because of my skin-condition, it also gave me time to think. After the WTO events and getting to know more like-minded individuals, I feel I have the opportunity to move forward if I just give myself that push.
Think I'll enjoy a nice, quiet (and sober!) Christmas.
Have fun everybody.