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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Well it's been a crazy week

But what a week to remember.

There is just too much to say really, especially of my new-found respect and admiration of the Korean delegation.
The media demonised them as desperate trouble-makers but I saw a group that is devoted, honourable and brave. After the big clash at Wan Chai on Saturday evening, many Hong Kongers finally came to their senses and rallied support for the Korean farmers. Lots of local spectators cheered and even gave gifts to them. Some students went as far as to go on a hunger strike.
As for my first WTO protest event, I saw a lot of similarities to last year's Dublin MayDay- the water cannons were particularly reminiscent. But the protestors- actually i should rephrase them as activists, campaigners, NGOs, workers, peasants, dispossesed and students, are a strikingly different group of people: they're lives are being directly affected by the actions of one such huge global organisation. Their economic security, hence their livelyhood are being ripped apart by the WTO's weapons: tarriffs, subsidies, taxes etc. Some want its destruction, some say reform. But what is for sure is that things cannot continue on the way they are. One slight decision by the higher-ups can adversely affect millions around the world.
Although some may have good intentions, it is inherently wrong to make such decisions without prior discussion to the ones who'll be affected, namely the subsistent farmers. Governments have a duty to maintain the livelyhoods of its citizens, but yet some let the WTO plough through their systems. There is much work needed to be done, and a lot more 'JUNK JUNK WTO' chanting.
Now that I'm due for some overtime sleep and recovery of my horrible cold, I look forward to sorting out my 15 hours of footage and hundreds of photos. Can't believe Christmas is only a week away. Hopefully I'll find something to keep me entertained.
I've compiled the best pics of the week:
If you wanna see riot/violence pics go buy a tabloid