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Monday, January 30, 2006

Kung Hei Fat Choi y'all

Since the other crappy 2006 hasn't been great at all I'm putting my stakes on Chinese version from my now on. Still on the list: Get rid of this skin condition and find work in the media industry. I don't wanna be making this same list for 2007!
Check here for pics of the Lunar New Year Parade backstage: Me photo blog

Friday, January 27, 2006

Personal update

Well I've finally got off my arse and pulled the finger out... which personally means I've started editing my WTO documentary. So far i've completed the satirical 40's P.S.A. style intro and the proper intro with that powerful Massive Attack song 'The Dog Obeys.' Now comes the hard part of sorting out the 20 hours of footage and constructing a linear documentary. I've been watching Big Noise Film's material and it's been very influential, but I still lack any real inspiration. But I'll give it a shot anywho.
I've sent in CV's to TVB Pearl and various magazines. My first dissapointment came when the position as Video/TV technician at HKU was already filled. I wonder if I would've got it nevertheless. Now that Lunar New Year is around the corner perhaps I'll try my luck then. According to the Chinese fortune telling, this month and the next is a great time to find employment, plus the financiers say the economy seems to be improving (but what would I know!)
Went to see 'Fearless' with Jet Li, the apparent biography of legendary martial arts hero 'Huo Yuanjia.' The film and direction were great but the storyline was unoriginal, but nonetheless it held its ground due to its content. The fight sequences were coreographed none other than by Yuen Wo Ping and I've longed to see Jet Li doing his 'Wong Fei Hung' style fighting again. Don't get me wrong the style in Danny the Dog (aka Unleashed) were great in their own way. However the film itself was annoyingly patriotic and demonised foreigners. Once must think if this complements China's rise to power. But then again in the movie, the patriotism led to the establishment of the Kuomingtang.. so maybe the Commies can't ride on its back after all. And what the hell, I didn't know Ronny Yu the director was behind the abomnibal Chucky movies and 'Jason vs Freddie'!
Mom's coming next week so hell I better make the place spick & span for her arrival!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

'Canton Road Market'

A majority of people, especially the young would tend to do their grocery runs at the local chainstores such as Park 'n Shop or Welcome. Push your trolley down a few aisles and you can grab products such as Brazilian coffee or Canadian beef, these stores are a direct product of globalisation. With the consolidation of global distribution networks, food production technology and mixed with their marketing culture of 'super saver points', why shop anywhere else?
But there are still markets like the one in Canton Road, Mong Kok that is always a welcoming change fromthe sight of mass produced tinned foods, GM crap and the sterile decor of supermarket stores. Seeing live fish pouncing around in their styrofoam boxes and friendly old ladies selling hand picked veggies is something we don't see much in the West.
That is because we demand efficiency, variety and convenience, especially in something mundane as grocery shopping. But it is this desire that can make producers cut corners and engage in unfair practices. Would you buy Nestle chocolate if you knew it was made by child slave labour from Ivory Coast? Or patented rice from Monsanto that was cruelly stolen from the Phillipine indigenous? We wouldn't want to make our grocery runs a political issue all the time.
It is comforting to know that the hawkers and shops at markets such as the one in Canton Road are locally based and produced. So full of life, culture, owners wooing customers with cheesy compliments and er, rather strong odours. There is no cheating, no unfair trade policies to deal with and certainly free of GM and emulsifiers. Grocery shopping with a clear conscience, but still I hate the smell!

For more pictures visit my Photo blog

Saturday, January 07, 2006

The struggle isn't over

With temperatures dropping dramatically once again, 12 (out of 14) farmers on trial for unlawful action during the protests have staged a hunger strike since yesterday afternoon. 11 were Korean farmers accompanied by a Japanese. The current status of the other Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese is unknown. It was certainly a bad time staging a hunger strike in the blistering cold, with temperatures dropping to 9 degrees celcius at night. Tea and meditation will be their nutrition for an indefinite time. Their demands, immediate release so they can go back to their families. Their struggle has been a particularly sympathetic cause since they were not able to spend Christmas and New Year with family, instead they ate dinner in their cold cells.
It attracted local commuters and tourists alike but the atmosphere I observed was apathetic. Some even loudly declared the futility of their cause and 'don't deserve our sympathies.' This has been the general consenus I've been realising from local people and it's hardly surprising since they regard the WTO as old news. But even more baffling to me was when foreigners didn't even know what 'WTO' was. An Australian mother and son told me that all they saw on the news were short clips of violence- pretty standard in the Western media at that time.
'I find it quite regrettable' says Elizabeth Tsang, co-ordinator of the Hong Kong People's Alliance, 'but the protestors have made their decision. This is a very critical week as their hearing will take place on the 11th so they really want their charges dropped.'
The 11th will make or break their struggle and optimists claim Chief Inspector Dick Lee Ming-Kwai and the Police haven't found any solid evidence aswell as compounded with rumors of their bad handling of protestors, it seems likely to me they will be released soon enough.
Tsang continues, 'I really hope more people will come out to support to increase the impact so their demands will be met.'
A solidarty rally will take place on the 8th 3pm from the Boys & Girls Club (Wan Chai) to the Central Government Offices.

The face of struggle

The face of hunger Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Gruelling journey

Endured my third journey up to the doctor in Zhong San... but luckily I had good sleep and it was a wonder I didn't get any 'nature calls' throughout both journeys.
After a two and a half hour waiting in line the doc claims I misheard him the last time: as in 'I didn't need to come back.' My mom and our translator all heard him say that too. But arguing is pointless anyway, so I swallowed my pride and just took the medicine. I think he even charged me cheaper this time for the misunderstanding.
Still limping on my right foot, but already I'm seeing some results. Give it few more days before I can walk normally again... my hands might take a little longer to heal fully but it's not in a bad situation anyways.
A friend Teya is returning home to Chicago tommorow. Wish I had met her earlier before. So many people come and go in life, best you can do is to have made a good impression.
Sent off my portfolio to HK magazine before it got bad so I guess we'll just play the waiting game for now.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Party time! Without any booze or fun food...

After a trek through crowded Central, we literally made it to a decent bar at exactly 23.59pm!
Of course I was the biggest party pooper since I couldn't drink, try the famous hot dogs and of course worse that I was limping once again. So it wasn't exactly the greatest start to 2006 for me. But a consellation is that I didn't do anything wrong on my part... I became like this as it was out of my control, all dependent on my skin elusive skin condition. Not looking forward to another 5 hour bus journey to see the so-called 'Miracle' doctor.