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Sunday, June 24, 2007

In my quest to unofficially help my ex-colleagues at ATV to look for a successor [edit], I had suggested last week the editor post an ad on
Sure enough I turn up today for some unfinished business and lord behold he drops a stack of 50 CV's in front of me. That's how many he's received since posting the ad, yet all of them were junk, while a different pile of about nine made it to the "decent" pile. Looking through most of them I was amazed at how many foreigners applied. Some I could say were overqualified for the position... some held editor positions, worked for BBC etc. - why would these people be in Hong Kong?!
Heh, now they're thinking whether the overqualified candidates would be willing to stay long enough - since it is a part-time position - or just go for a rookie who won't demand much.