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Sunday, July 01, 2007

The agony of model shoots

People who've never experienced what's it like being in or involved in model shoots may think it's all glamour and fun but I tell you the last one I worked on shattered that theory for good.

SCMP's Style Magazine did a shoot with a famous Chinese model, Liu Dan - who's been on the cover of Vouge and Elle - posing with new sports cars Audi TT convertible and some Porsche on the rooftop of Harbour City shopping centre.

It poured for an hour and we frantically ducked for what miniscule cover we had.
But for the actual shoot, for which I was only doing a making-of video for the website, I realised it was not a very enjoyable experience. Not to say I imagined everyone hated working, but I can sense in general it's just plain hard work and it's not a lot of 'fun'.
Makeup and dress always takes long; people sitting around waiting; trying to get the model in the right position; photographers being perfectionists... all for those few photos in the end.
I make this point because I always had a negative image of this profession being such a fickle and sometimes pretentious industry. But really, it's hard work. Not to mention real hard for to make a living off.

So the next time you see those elaborate poster ads with models posing for the haute couture, know that it took a lot of fucking sweat, time and frustration and probably a good few ego-bashing to get that right shot. Hah.