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Monday, March 21, 2005

At the Olympia

Yesterday was probably the most tiring day I've had in ages yet it was also the most productive! Started filming our short movie early in the morning before heading out to town. Saw the anti-war protest march from the windows of McDonalds, thought I'd take some pictures but by the time I finished by quarter pounder it was too late to catch up!
Did my video at the Olympia yesterday, I was asked to do a featurette/press pack for the band 66e and I figured that I'd do my documentary for TV class aswell. Got to use the Canon XL1 camcorder so I looked real professional! But it was one heavy right shoulder was completely red after resting that heavy bastard on my shoulder for hours. The seating area looked incredibly different from the stage, I've always thought it was spacious but it was actually quite small. Checked out the dressing rooms were the Prodigy, Air and Groove Armada stayed in. It's an amazing venue and the it was certainly a dream come true for the band.
I also managed to catch the Skyfest in between shoots. Had to squeeze through the Welsh infested streets of Templebar before I settled on a spot just opposite Custom House Quay. But it wasn't very spectacular and I didn't expect much anyway and since i was alone I left 15 mins after it started. Walking back, the loud bangs were even more satisfying as it reminded me of a warzone. Yes i'm a war junkie. Hoorah!!