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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Innocent man killed

In a shocking series of events in London yesterday, police officers shot dead a suspected terrorist bomber.
It was revealed today the victim, one Jean Charles de Menezes was 27 year old Brazilian who worked as an electrician in London for 3 years and had no connections to terrorism whatsoever.
His only crime was only wearing a black padded coat and looked like a south Asian. One witness in the underground said de Menezes was running around the place and looked desperate. Well I guess I would too if armed un-uniformed people were chasing me. Either way it gave police officers enough reason to shoot him five times in the head as he boarded a train.
Given the heightened alert status of London police and the erratic beheviour of de Menezes, the shooters only reacted for security reasons. It was an unfortunate accident that Mayor Ken Livingstone calls a 'human tragedy.'
Now ordinary citizens must take care in not to arouse any sort of suspicious behaviour, especially Muslims. This also raises the fears of police with these so called 'anti-terrorism powers'. We've all heard of America's 'Patriot Act' and its fears of eradicating civil liberties. Can it be a type of Draconian control in disguise? Notice there are no votes or referendums on enacting these anti-terrorism legislations... but citizens do not questions these motives because of the climate of fear that has drawn over us. Politicans automatically assume the public are supportive, but would they mention that police officers have a 'licence to kill' anyone suspicious?
The Ambassador of Brazil in Ireland Stelio Marcos Amarante has condemened the shooting and called the police 'very unproffesional' and will launch their own inquiry into the incident.
The news media also plays a role in propagating this fear by their 'human interest' stories on terrorism victims and constant reminders of the threats & vulnerabilities we face.
Bottom line people, The War Against Terror (TWAT) is going to dramatically change the western world and how we live from now on. Soon maybe the news will be dominated by frequent terrorist attacks on major cities just like Baghdad today. Or news of backlashes against Muslims, burning of Mosques & Korans, xenophobia...