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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Back to the Kong

It was tough recovering from the jet lag but I managed to struggle with my tight schedule during my short trip home.
The main event of course was my graduation this monday at the Royal Kilmainham Hospital, aka Irish Museum of Modern Art. It was certainly good seeing all my classmates again. Our Journalism head Niall Meehan was secretly obtaining information from us so he can use it in his speech! He managed to blurt out my current stint in Hong Kong, God knows how long that job will last!
Went to Renards on Kildare Street afterwards. After being shuffled around in the tiny club downstairs, we finally copped on and mingled in the bigger club upstairs though some did nip off to Ri-Ra's. It was also my first time not drinking on a night-out, and I certainly didn't feel like going on the dance floor hehe. It also made me realise how off I am on night clubs.. I would've preffered a quieter bar so I could catch up with friends. Grace knows what I mean!
Coming back home, I felt like a tourist. On one occassion I walked around town taking pictures and buying souveneirs from O'Carrolls (for people back in HK). The cold was paralyzing. I don't remember it being so cold! And what is the deal with the fucking traffic, it just seems to get worse & worse around the city centre.
I'm so glad we have the metro in Hong Kong.
People keep asking me when I'll come back and I honestly don't know. My film making course finishes in March and if I haven't found any decent work then I may come back. Although I do admit I haven't really tried to look for media work in Ireland, I just assume it'll be difficult to get into. Hong Kong (and China & Japan) is much more dynamic in this field methinks.
It's the first time I had to leave home like this- not knowing when I'll come back. The only thing I miss are family & friends.
But I really need to get away from here for a good while. Too many sad memories and broken times in recent years that I need to forget & let go.
I view Hong Kong as a good launch pad to get me going somewhere exciting and challenging. I'm just so thankful my skin condition has gotten better, now I can just move on.

This is just for the Griffith's
Grace- Hope you have a great time training and basking in the sun in Dubai. Wishing you nothing but the best as usual. And hope your parents get well soon.
Hayes- Best of luck in the acting man, it's what you wanna do and you're certainly getting there. Fuckin LA dude!
O'Cleary- You don't sound happy working in the call centre place but hey we all have shitty jobs at some stage.
Vic- I couldn't imagine you teaching english to Koreans but don't underestimate them, some say they're the biggest drinkers in Asia.
Jago- You crazy chick, I just know you're gonna land some job that matches your craziness! (I mean that in a good way of course!)
Chris- So bummed you're still a news reader at NewsTalk. Climb that ladder!
Cathy- You get well soon too, I'm sure you've been off the drink for long enough! And you will so love Hong Kong, visit sometime and I'll show you a shopping paradise!

Goodbye y'all, go n'eiri an ta leat, c'est la vie, life goes on and all that sort of shit. Drop me a line if you're ever in East Asia.