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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Last day in Vietnam... again

Well, I've paid my last visit to the doctor here in Vietnam.
He gave me 10 more days worth of medicine and I should be a-ok from then on!
I can even start eating some of the foods I had so cherishingly avoided for the past year and a half: beef, eggs, seafood and alcohol!
But I should start sparingly... alcohol is actually one I should be cautious of. He said I can drink moderate amounts of beer, but not too much heavy stuff. Guess I'll lay off the shots for a little longer - save it for next Paddy's day.
My relatives were impressed with his diagnosis too. (They came along with high expectations of this doc.) He took my uncle's pulse and knew he had an eczema issue, even without him saying anything. So they have to come again next month for a check up. So it's 16 more days of medicine and I should be good as I ever was.
It's kind of settling... in an unsettling kind of way.
I have a new lease on life now without having to worry about my skin, so I'll need to start making more of my time. Whereas in the past with my skin condition, I secretly took refuge and can afford to be well, lazier, because it warrants my condition.
Now, I'll really need to start becoming more enthustiastic and take greater challenges.
But still, I'm so amazed at how quick this doc healed me. It's quite hard to sink in!
Now a lot of people are seeing me as a shining example to heal all sorts of skin conditions. Hmm, maybe I can start my own little tour group? After all, I pretty much know the good spots around Ho Chi Minh City, cheap airfares and packages. We'll see...