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Friday, October 13, 2006

Donnie's policy speech

So Donald apparently is a lame duck, according to Longhair, voicing his dissent with his newly formed League of Social Democrats (yes, insert LSD jokes here)
I was fairly disappointed at his timid approach in tackling air pollution and environment.
He claims he won't make any big decisions because of his limited time left with his current term, yet he's most likely to win next year's election. So maybe he's saving up the big guns when he's re-elected? If it is - then it's a good strategy I guess.
There were a lot of minature protests of the sort, all shouting he should do this or he didn't say that... but in fairness to him and the government, there's not a lot they can say (much less act on it) without the support of the financial community - which in some ways are a lot more powerful than Legco.
Sure you can slap on a tax on plastic bags (if I had my way I'd put it at $5), but this will probably create a severe backlash from retailers and wholesalers who might rethink their options in Hong Kong. It's commercial giants like these that makes Hong Kong afloat... unfortunately. So instead of just attacking a figure-head like Donald Tsang, the LSD, green groups, activists etc. should do a more jointed effort in hitting the big businesses aswell. Politicians after all, talk the talk... businesses however, have a lot more freedom and less responsibility.