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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

"All we can do is wait."

When I got the news my great grandfather was admitted to hospital (again), one of my relatives relayed his condition to me as "all we can do is wait." Meaning the end is nigh for my great grandpappy, doctor gave him a few more days' as there's nothing they can do. What a way to give up eh?
I visited him today at Caritas Hospital along with other relatives and friends. It was hard to describe the atmosphere; great grandfather himself didn't seem distressed; the others of course felt sombre, but no-one really balled; as for me, I just regretted not seeing more often even though he lived quite near from me. He always went to a tea restaurant opposite me and I've had lunch there with a good few times, but because out of sheer late waking up, laziness, or whatever, I felt I should've made a better effort to get to know him better since I'm all the way out here in Hong Kong now.
Right now my grandmother back home is making prepartions to fly here on Weds, everyone's telling him to 'hold on' so he could see his daughter one last time. Grandma has been living in Ireland for about 10 years and has only went back to HK twice.
On a lighter side, there was a bit of commotion when I believe he wanted us to get him some opium! Morphine he said, wasn't as good. I left before we garnered any decision. Who are we to deny the wishes of a dying man?

Great Grandad/Grandma