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Monday, March 26, 2007

IFVA results

"Tagspotting" got squat at this year's Independent and Short Film Awards, but I'm not nearly as disappointed as the jury's decisions. First up, a poorly shot and over-emotional short called "Anna" got a special mention prize. Forgot who won silver.
But deeply disappointed by the jury's ruling for "Lover's Lover" a boring, unprovocative and narcassisitic view of today's contemporary relationships. It portrays these two young adults breaking up with their respective partners, and falling in love as a result. But after some emotion-slugging, they break up and see other people... what drivel.
And worse! The freshly graduated film-maker acknowledged the help of her two teachers, both of whom were on the jury panel! And there were only three jurors...
Not being bitter or anything, but from past experience such as the deplorable I Shot film festival, where they do get these jurors from??
Well anyway, my friends cum partners are working on a project about gay & lesbians in Hong Kong, something the crowd sniggered at during our after screening discussion.
As I probably will be helping out, I'm pursuing another project that's related to the environment. No, I haven't seen "An Incovenient Truth," but I think environmental documentaries would be unique to place like Hong Kong, especially since it neighbours not just one of the world's fastest growing economies, but also the fastest growing polluter. Let me just sort out my job prospects for this year first.