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Saturday, June 23, 2007

A reply to an anonymous commentator

This is in reply to a comment to a short rant "Get Over It".
Usually I'd just reply in the comment box but this actually articulated my thoughts more, hence a new post for you!

But Anson and Regina are only newsworthy because of who they were.
I would have thought that in the news, you need to qualify who people are or were.
Former president Bill Clinton
Heir to the throne William
Heiress Paris Hilton
Former Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa
If Anson Chan was not a former CS, would anyone pay any attention to her?
ps It's not a criticism of Anson, it's just the way it is.
Former ATV reporter Ed Lee ...

I'm not disputing the usage of titles for such individuals, I know how they work, just don't always agree with them. And I'm talking about formers and ex's only, so no need to remind me with your other irrelevant examples. And I'm also talking within the vicinity of Hong Kong - because the media here just loves to bring in the oldies.

I don't know if all those people from the I-used-to-be-important group would still relish media attention on current issues. Anson Chan seems to appear everywhere regarding the 10th anniversary. And frankly I don't give a fuck what she thinks on democracy - her words only have an impact because it's amplified by the media, because frankly, she and all those former politicians can say what the hell they want cos they have no power or responsibility!

But if I was like Regina Ip - who heads Savantas - I would rather be interviewed because of what I *actually* do now, namely promoting whatever Savantas does. Yet she's still happy in yapping away good English bites about issues she has no control of and of which don't affect the decision-making process.

I know the *esteemed* Newsline host Michael Chugani tried to get certain guests for the intolerably boring 10th anniversary series, and some formerlites have said they're sick and tired of the whole media spectacle surrounding the event (I access the raw tapes) - which I had ranted about not so long ago... it's only been a fucking short 10 years, it's just a number!!

So you see it's about my deploration of newsmakers assuming that what these formerlites say is relevant to what goes on today. And those who think themselves still are, are only living in their former shadows.

So I say again, Get Over It.

PS: I was not a reporter at ATV. I just handled those lovely formatted subtitles you see.