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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hong Kong's 300

No not the Spartan warriors, but the so-called 300 in Synovate and MTV's survey of music listening habits in Hong Kong and Asia.
They said about 27 percent surveyed (15-34) said they were "passionate" about music, putting HK in the bottom rung of passionate music loving countries in the Asia Pacific.
First of all, their unbalanced and pretentious survey seems to say that Hong Kong sucks when it comes to the music scene. Seriously, how many people do you see immersed in their mp3 players on the street or MTR? How many of those crappy Canto-pop ringtones do you hear? How can they say youngsters aren't into their music. Unless the survey means " passionate about good music?"The mainstream's neglect of independent musicians was a factor adds a HKU music researcher. Although that could be a good thing in a way!
Anyway don't take the bullshit survey seriously, since when the fuck does MTV give a shit about good music anymore?
Synovate's website.