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Sunday, October 07, 2007

By-election follies

Last week we accompanied our senior colleague to an interivew with Ms. Anson Chan Fang On-sang at her house on Stubbs Road.
I've heard a lot about the intense borgeoise pads along there, and the they got more and more ridiculously lavish as I travelled up the road. Reminded me of those notorious 'gated' estates.
If you've seen Ms. Chan on the telly, you know she's quite pint-sized, but heh, in real person she's like a hobbit, with some extreme fro action going on.
She was quite taken aback at the amount of equipment and crew that barged into her home, as she assumed it was just going to be our EAL. Turns out the eejit forgot to tell her that we were doing a vidcast and suddenly the former No. 2 got all antsy and well, pissed off.
After five minutes of awkwardness, we we managed to get things moving eventually. I mean, here we all were, cameras all set up ready to go and throwing a hissy fit wouldn't be the most pragmatic thing to do. Being a seasoned veteran with the media of course she perked up and went ahead with our vidcast.
The whole scenario left me with a bitter taste for some reason. Maybe it's because this whole by-election frenzy is just so.... 'blah'

Sorry, it's the best expression I could come up with. At least I know what I mean, heh.

Tomorrow we got a date with another pseudo democrat, Regina Ip. Should be around the time the other dems go on their rally. I remember reading a byline quoting Anson asking Regina join the rally but Regina replied saying she had "other things to do"... yeah, a fucking vidcast with us!