[chinese blood, irish heart] - DEFUNCT: GCD Ball '05

Sunday, May 01, 2005

GCD Ball '05

While walking towards the entrance, I literally almost shat my pants when I realised I had forgotten the one valuable thing tonight, a ticket!! So I frantically searched for Ian and after a series of scares he managed to nick a used ticket inside and give it to me... My God I was relieved. The penguin suits & stilletos were out in force tonight.

And who did I see serving drinks at the bar? My old classmate from Terenure Gar Flynn! For old times sake, he got me liquored up with some free Jack D & Cokes and some serious discounts for the rest of the night (Ted you owe me big time).
The dinner menu was rather plain but anything tastes good when you're ravenous! (That's the best compliment I'll give) The live band were quite good, banging out tunes from Franz Ferdinand, Nirvana and Jet, although I was mostly outside losing my ass of at blackjack, although the banker chick was well hot!

DJ came on at about one and I seriously wanted to get up on stage and throw him off (back me up Grace). I even encouraged the band to start playing again. Funnily enough the bad music was beginning to sober me up.
All in all it was a night to remember, pity some others couldn't make it out. Exactly a month left of college life now, so glad that i've made plans for the summer. But of course the best laid plans can always go wrong...