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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Don't advertise.. Subvertise!

Well since I won't be doing any media work in NY this summer anymore, I might aswell take the initiative and start something new.
I've always loathed television ads, most of them are just pure crap. Some sell products & services you don't need, they're manipulative, selflishly ideological and even subliminal. And look at all those really stylish and edgy ads filled with special effects; think of all that money & time spent on creating those ads when it could've been used to produce something productive and educational. The same goes for all those shite Hollywood films being made like Herbie, Stealth, House of Wax.. the money & resources being pissed away!
The advertising industry is very lucrative and is luring away creative film/digital professionals in whoring themselves to corporations and rich companies.
I've decided to do a trial run of this 'Subvertising' techinque which re-brands and re-edits TV ads. I've just completed my first one which targets KFC. After reading up on PETA's report on KFC's abuses, it was a great opportunity to try subvertising. So hopefully I can make this a regular thing and get some viewers. Besides, I need to brush up on my editing skills!