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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Gruelling journey

Endured my third journey up to the doctor in Zhong San... but luckily I had good sleep and it was a wonder I didn't get any 'nature calls' throughout both journeys.
After a two and a half hour waiting in line the doc claims I misheard him the last time: as in 'I didn't need to come back.' My mom and our translator all heard him say that too. But arguing is pointless anyway, so I swallowed my pride and just took the medicine. I think he even charged me cheaper this time for the misunderstanding.
Still limping on my right foot, but already I'm seeing some results. Give it few more days before I can walk normally again... my hands might take a little longer to heal fully but it's not in a bad situation anyways.
A friend Teya is returning home to Chicago tommorow. Wish I had met her earlier before. So many people come and go in life, best you can do is to have made a good impression.
Sent off my portfolio to HK magazine before it got bad so I guess we'll just play the waiting game for now.