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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dublin riots

It took awhile before I realised the implications of Dublin's recent riot. Just to bleedin' wrecked.
What the hell happened?

I don't believe those Unionists and our government could've predicted a safe day for their approved march. Did they honestly think Republicanism is dead? Did they really think we would've just stood by and watch while they hoisted banners of our previous opressors?
A lot of us may not care about the Northern Ireland affair or what the IRA does nowadays. But even the most liberal person would be at least a little pissed off.
From what I heard from my Indymedia colleagues, it seems those skangers were in for a fight. Some hardcore republicans may be the first ones to throw a stone but it was the fucking skangers that crossed the line. You dirty scumbags, you're already a scurge to society and now you try and mask behind patriotism just for a little scuffle with Gardai!
I've been hearing comments about how Ireland is supposed to be a democracy, therefore the Unionist march was just a form of freedom of speech. So were the counter-demonstrators anti democracy? Or were they just expressing their freedom of speech? We really need to redefine our interpretation of 'democracy.' If everybody exercised their rights under the guise of freedom to whatever, it's a wonder we still have a functioning society. Sometimes I thank God for our apathetic culture.