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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Honestly one of the worst tv commercials...

For those of you folks who watch late night TV would've come across 'TV Easy', a series of cheap commercials for midnight viewers.
I'm rewatching a classic TV series so I'll always come across these ads. Anyway there's this tutoring/revision school 'Times College Intensive Revision Course' (the pop-up shows the video) that has this abomnibal commercial featuring three exagerrated tutors as characters from the fantasy movie 'The Promise.'
It's tacky and ridiculous. Honestly words cannot describe how bad the concept is, you gotta see it for yourself.
As for the production values, here's somethings to watch out for:
1. You can see the spot light in the background
2. The 'S-Men' guy declares: '3 WORDS- I'LL HELP YOU... GET POINTS!'
3. No sound effect for the sword bearing general character
4. I don't mean to be insulting, but these three are not too easy on the eyes

At first I laughed. But then it just became revolting.