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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Special ceremony at Yim Tin Tsai village

My grandmother grew up in Yim Tin Tsai village with her 'Chan' clan. It's a teeny island village just 30 mins away from Sai Kung. The Chans were apparently experts in salt-making but had all left by the 1970's. The salt farm is now nothing but an overgrown shrub.

She flew back from Ireland to attend an annual Catholic ceremony held at the village. But this time was a special occassion as St.Joseph's church which sits high up has been renovated and the recently appointed Bishop Zen held a mass there too. Needless to say the media were out in force, although most asked Zen about the recent Bishop appointments in the Mainland. My grandmother got some attention too as I chatted to journo's, telling them that we came all the way from Ireland to attend. Certainly got Emily Chan's attention who's with TVB Pearl news- who looks way hotter in person- and interviewed my Dad. She also mentioned in Ireland in a typical yank accent: Eiiiireland... still, woo-hoo up the Dubs!

Carried my new 'mobile media command' backpack with almost all of my video & photographic equipment. Well heavy but it's real handy. Mostly did video work so I can make a short docu aswell as a reminder for my gran.

Watch the newscast here

More pics here