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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

That montage...

I was quite disappointed in that montage on our ATV news last night, the intro labelled it something in the words of "images of war." (in the Middle East)
Before it aired I heard the subs and my editor praising it etc.
It was just a bunch of gut-wrenching scenes of Lebanese deaths mashed with conflicting images of Condi's piano playing and Bush slouched in his chair chatting with Blair - that infamous
"Yo Blair" and "...stop doing this shit..."
Yes a majority of innocent deaths were among the Lebanese populace but Israelis died too; something the montage didn't show at all.
It was quite embarrassing recieving those emails about our biased reporting.
Even worse, on the same night we had a live interview with the Saudi ambassador and he gave out the same one-sided rhetoric against Israel.
The Israeli ambassador wasn't happy at all since he had invited our editor to the embassy a few weeks ago to discuss how to "improve the Israeli image overseas."
Was this a calculated decision? It's hard to believe if it was a complete coincidence.