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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hurry up, losers

Some had requested the script I did for Newsline (hehe did anybody watch it at all?), apparently some are gonna write a scathing article about Patten; at least that's what my editor says.Won't be at about GST though - didn't talk about that. In fact, he dodged the sensitive questions quite well - using metaphors and even referencing an obscure evangelical hymn... i'll be sure to check out tmrw's papers. (I don't read 'em anymore, i work at TV news, why the hell would I read yesterday's news, well maybe except for cinema listings...)I can just imagine him saying 'piss off!' in his mind to all the journo's that asked him political type questions. For godsake he's here to promote his book!! Cut him some slack!!Well, our 'Lord' Patten is leaving tommorow, so all you hawks, lefties, pro-commie and anti-democratic ranters better hand in your articles quick because after he's gone no-one's gonna give a shit.