[chinese blood, irish heart] - DEFUNCT: "Hong Kong's air pollution will stay bad for years"

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

"Hong Kong's air pollution will stay bad for years"

In a radio address Sunday by Donald Tsang, he admits "the reality is that we will not see major improvements for a few more years yet. But with all the small steps we are taking we will see incremental improvements over the next few years."
'Incremental improvements' eh? The major thing regarding fighting pollution in his policy address concerned the Euro-IV engines to be "voluntarily" installed in vehicles. Even Environment Secretary Sarah Liao said on Newsline admits bus companies would be hesitant to upgrade their fleet since each upgrade costs $3 million.
But even the smallest incremental improvement we can all do, like stop using plastic bags, recycling paper and turning down the air-con, even the general public can't even do that!
I hardly see anyone using BYOB's in shops. Today at Taste I saw some chuppie with a gay man-bag taking a big plastic bag to store two apples. I don't want to generalise, but from what I've seen in the past year, how can we depend on these irresponsible pricks to help build an environmentally-sustainable place? And look at all the other pricks: care-free drivers who leave their engines idling, chuppies driving around in their shiny gas-guzzling cars, fashion-victim teeny boppers who don't care about anything other than their looks and mainland immigrant workers who also have no sense about conservation whatsoever. (although conversely, they do take up most of the shit cleaning jobs) And GODDAMN corporate scumbags who put profits before anything!
"There is no doubt that we deserve a better environment for the sake of our own physical health, as well as that of our economy ... If we all join hands to conserve energy then we are all doing our bit to make Hong Kong a cleaner city."
You tell me, without strong government and draconian measures, how can we improve the air quality with ordinary people lacking the intiative. I say, slap fines, fines and more fines on 'em. Make people suffer. Go on Donald, wave your iron fist, we don't live in a democracy anyway.

And these assholes across the road from me leave their lights on at night. How hard is to switch lights off when you're not using them huh? Ya see what I mean? Complete irresponsibility. I'm gonna write them a harsh letter.