[chinese blood, irish heart] - DEFUNCT: Another St. Pat's in Hong Kong

Monday, March 19, 2007

Another St. Pat's in Hong Kong

Well, Saturday was certainly a special day...
Of course it was St.Patrick's Day, where swarms of wannabes with close and far Irish connections splash out on greens. I of course didn't seem your average Irishman but meh, it's all fun and games. I may not have fully grasped it yet, but it may also have been the first time I've gotten a slight hang over, ever since I stopped drinking drastically 1.5 years ago. Quite something.
Our 'Tagspotting' was once again screened at this year's 12th Independent Film and Video Awards (IFVA) at Agnes B. This festival was much more professional and just plain better than the horrendous I Shot Hong Kong festival earlier this year. Why? Well for one thing we didn't have to pay for the posters... that pretty much sums it up. The after-group discussion was quite interesting, we got a few good comments about our film, for our was the only documentary in the Open Category, where there had been a total of 215 entries and 12 were selected. And of course we're very honoured to be shortlisted. Some tough competition out there, I especially liked "About Romance or Something Else" where it was a 13 minute one-take steadicam montage.
Results will be announced on the 20th March.