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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another day, another sexed-up scandal

First of all, what a mongoloid this Chu Pui-hing chap is. Some reports say he was well oiled when he came out of the club with this CoCo character - apparently after paying her a hefty 5 G's - but then being able to dash and criss-cross through restaurants and toilets to escape would've needed quite a sober head. So hands-down what a moron... look at him, shrivelling behind that mainland hoe! Not exactly a prize-winner given his stature at RTHK and a soon-to-be-retiree.

Of course, the equally moronic tabloids had a field day with this. Chu Pui-hing is by no means a celebrity, so why the tabloid frenzy? I couldn't care less about what he does with his money or who he solicits with, much less my view of RTHK. Yet this is what tabloids seem to force on us, the chief of RTHK mingling with mainland hoes, is something worth scrutinising in the public sphere.

But yeah, not to deviate from my primary rant, and I'm sure Chu's a grand fella, but that picture will haunt him for ages! I'm sure he could've forked out more for a better looking bird. Civil servants get paid shitloads!