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Friday, June 13, 2008

One month on...

I'm not one for milestones or anniversaries, heck I don't even like celebrating my own birthdays but anyway it's been one month so far on my Beijing stint. Rather unfortunately it's also been one month since the Sichuan earthquake. Quite the day at work I remember - feeling my first earthquake and falling mysteriously ill that prolonged many weeks later. Aside from the bumpy start I'm quite happy I haven't seriously fucked anything up or landed myself in hot water with the friendly Public Security Bureau. There were some teething issues with our workflow but that was expected. Question is will everybody learn from their mistakes?

My explorer spirit has died down recently, and with that I've begun to notice quips and aspects of Beijing life that's beginning to annoy me. First of all, what's with the fucking incessant car horns people?? Every taxi driver I've taken seems to blast the horn like it's a toy. And when will these fuckstick drivers learn that horns won't make the traffic jam go away!
Secondly, for a city that's going to pride itself as an Olympic host, upcoming global superpower and what not, the level of service in general is just appalling. I know China is still classified as a third world country but Beijing is surely a first world city. I'm not trying to be a snob but first world cities demand a level of service and etiquette that reflects its wealth and status.
Other than these two main items, plus hundreds of smaller things, I'm still looking what this city can offer and how I can take advantage of it. How much can I achieve as a relative foreign journalist with PRC citizenship? We shall see - 54 days till the Olympics and 88 more till I return and ponder resignation.