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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Well fuck it anyway...

US embassy protest Posted by Picasa

Well the damn embassy didn't give me the visa once again. It was ridiculous really: On Tuesday she said they'll grant me the visa and I'll have it in the post in a day bla bla. So great I finally got it. Then I get a call from an embassy receptionist asking me to come again tommorow morning without telling me why. What could be wrong? The officer said she'll grant me the visa... So after another agonising early trip down to the embassy, the officer says she 'has second thoughts.' She basically asked me the same questions but this time it didn't get through.
How can they fucking do that?? For the next ten minutes it was utterly infuriated. But it soon died down because deep down I knew my chances weren't good, even before I applied for a third time. So luckily I had made some reserve plans if New York didn't work out.
So now I'm just waiting on a few call backs, such as Concern who want interns. Gonna go back to work for a while, maybe even for the rest of the summer. At least I'll get some good dosh to spend.