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Sunday, June 12, 2005


Got turned down again by the US embassy on Friday.
This time I had applied for a visitor's visa for 4 months. I had brought all necessary documents including a letter from my company stating that I will be returning home for full time work in October (they want evidence that I have strong ties to Ireland). I even had 3 different bank account statements to show I have 'sufficient funds' for my stay. For godsake I even brought my parent's mortgage bill to show that we have a home here.
And you know what that Yanker told me? He thinks I'm trying to immigrate illegaly... just because he had this benign generalisation of new college graduates; that we are in a 'period of transition' and are likely trying to immigrate to the US... That's the reason you turned me down?! Just because I had recently finished college, you think i'm trying to immigrate illegaly to your damn country?! Then why the fuck would I bother applying for a visitor's visa if I wanted to immigrate you fucking bureaucratic swine! He then said I should try to apply again once i've 'settled in' and have a proper job.
Since then I've just accepted it. I know it seems like i'm giving up easily, but I'm so discouraged about it and I just want to move on quickly before I start sulking for the rest of the summer. When the opportunity first came up a while back ago, I had this little voice in the back of my head saying 'I'll never get to go.' For some reason there was always this doubt within me. Going to Manhattan and doing this apprenticeship with such an amazing TV company is a once in a life time opportunity. Yet for some reason I really didn't see myself getting to go. And because of these visa rejections, I was quick to acknowledge it and my dissapointment was short-lived.
When I broke the news to friends & colleagues, most just said 'tough luck' (in a polite way of course) but a few said 'keep going for it' or 'don't give up.' And you know what, I'm gonna try again, even though the odds are against me even more. It's now less more about trying to get a visa, but to defy that fucking Yanker at the embassy. If he's turning me down just because I'm no longer studying, then i'll apply for a new course at college just to show him that I'll be continuing my studies when I get back. Then he'll have no other reason to turn me down! I admit it's a reckless tactic, but I just want to get that visa, go back to him while he's behind his glass window, rub the visa against it and ask 'HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES?'