[chinese blood, irish heart] - DEFUNCT: Chek Keng ancestral home

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Chek Keng ancestral home

Going to our ancestral home with us 3 generations together was a great thing to do.
We met a generous yet eccentric fellow by the name of William Chan who's from neighbouring Tai Long. He single handedly restored the collapsed church with his money- and he's not even Christian! Chek Keng is pratically zero population so when my Gran came along he was excited that a former resident has finally returned. Unfortunately my Gran's memory isn't too good and my dad was too young to remember the exact details of the church's architecture and surroundings.
He also told me about the deteriorating foot bridge at Chek Keng and reckons that the District Council or construction company is guilty of cut backs. He tried telling the Chinese newspapers but none took him seriously or didn't want to question the government.
So I went to look for myself.

Running back all the way before our departure boat arrives, I did see evidence of flaking and corrosion on the 8 year old bridge. I'm no structural engineer so I wouldn't know if this really is a case of inferior cement or just natural erosion... but only after 8 years?? I'll look into this more.

More pics