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Sunday, May 14, 2006


So I got some replies from the District Councils and the Antiquities & Monuments office. Good thing about Hong Kong is that although it's a highly beauracratic place, people will still endeavour to reply with haste & urgency. Whereas back in Ireland people need to seriously get their fingers out. I remember when I started off at Iron Mountain as a creditor calling up all those companies who are overdue, a very small proportion replied. So invariably it took a longer time to get things done.
So anyway, they the officials who responded were quite sound, all the usual riff-raff about 'we'll look into this matter' etc etc. I've done all I can at this point, so hopefully someone will bring the good news or just quell my misplaced concerns.
Chek Keng has a lot of potential. It took me about an hour & half to get there from Mong Kok. It's quite surreal- setting off their from an urban maze to an isolated place with no mobile phone coverage. It's in between Tai Long and Pak Tam Au beaches so it's a good resting stop or just even as a visit to see old architecture, not to mention the 150 year old church. My dad and I were discussing whether it would be viable to build a resort-style house. I joking suggested to build an Irish pub but that might be a tad hasty.
Firstly something needs to be done about the roving oxen and dogs. We can't just kill 'em since they've been pratically the only 'residents' since our ancestors fucked off. Fencing off the oxen shouldn't be a problem but the dogs will be much trickier. Good thing is they tend to avoid us but who knows what diseases they might carry.
One thing i'm not gonna do is make it another battleground for those wargamers... even though i'm a big military buff I still won't let 'em set foot here. Sure, it's the next best thing to real combat but it's still a lot of pants. Being ex-military I'd derive no fun of shooting little BB's!