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Monday, May 01, 2006

Random comments

Photo credit: Kimimasa Mayama -- Reuters

Ah pride of one's country, an honourable and sinless act.
But nationalism in conjuction with militarism is another ball game and the Japanese seem to be getting their own Patriot Act going on.
Koizumi's right wing government has been putting forward new measures to foster patriotism among youths, including the whitewashing of history, visiting war criminal shrines and punishing pacificists.
What's worse is the so-called worsening ties between Japan and its ex-WW2 enemies, most notably China. But that don't stop the trade flowing.
I don't know why their politicians have begun this patriotism wave... why now? Is there a deepening social crisis among youths? A loss of identity? The increasing independence from the US? The bleedin' World Cup?? Nobody seems to be addressing the roots but just nit-picking at Japan's alterior motives. Sure the media say things objectively, but the fact that these things are reported unravels their hidden motive to further undermine Japan.
I'm personally not concerned. I don't think these measures will sway the Japanese youth away from electronics and cosplay. Just take a look at some of their most popular TV shows and the type of people on it. Do you think these wasted youths care about nationalism? So why don't you right-wing nuts spend your people's taxes on something more worthwhile?