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Friday, June 02, 2006

Gettin' into the routine

Well I've been on my ATV job for almost 4 weeks now and i'm setting into my new routine.
It's a part time job, 3pm-8pm so the hours are sweet - sleep late and wake up late!
My official title's an 'editorial assistant' - I help sub-edit stories, proof read, keying (transcribing/subtitling) CBS and Bloomberg stories and finally show time at 7.30 where I do the subtitles live. Shit scared when I first did it cos of the timing and what have you but it's second nature now.
The staff are very cool as well, I always have the luck of working with good people.
Very uninspired lately in terms of film-making... plus the weather's been shit.
Here's a funny pic from Ocean Park on the dreaded 'Abyss': I'm on the left, Debbie & Rach on my right.

The Jelly Fish symposium was so psychedelic and transient, but way too short. But then again how many lighting tricks can ya do?