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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Am I cured?

It's been over two weeks since my last flare up.
Can I safely say I'm cured??
It's hard to sink in alright... I no longer need to wear socks or gloves anymore.
Funnily enough, I've had an insatiable appetite ever since I got better. It's like I've been starving myself for the past year (in a way I have since I wasn't allowed to eat many food types cos of the medicine) and even though I still can't eat the likes of beef, egg, seafood and alcohol, I seem to be an unstoppable eating machine... However, my better condition allows me to finally resume my gym sessions, so I'm putting on more weight while toning it. It was ridiculous before, when I had gotten better I would work out, but when the flare ups happened again it ruined all my efforts. Now I see a clearer picture.
I do fear I'll take all this for granted. After all the medicine worked too well and very quickly! I imagined it'd take a longer period for it to be evident but look at me now! A lot of people say I'm looking better now.
I really am happy but I'm still going to wait, at least for a few more weeks to confirm it.
Yet I still can't believe how I had to go all the way to Vietnam to get treated... after all the different types of doctors I've seen in Ireland, China and in HK.
It's been a tough year: the medicine, phsyical and mental anguish, flare ups, depression, uncertaintity, social irkings...
So what to do now? What's changed?
Well, for starters no more 'going home early' to make my damn medicine.
I'll begin to look for a new job soon too. After all, I had taken this current job because of it's convenient hours so I could have time to make my medicine and basically take it easy.
But now, well, it seems I can take up something more strenous and challenging.