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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Goodbye my sweetheart, hello Vietnam

So going to 'nam is on for sure now.
Mom's coming here next Monday and we'll fly off on the following Friday, staying till the Tuesday after that.
Haven't finalised the details with my boss yet but it should be okay. I can just work the extra days on the weekend - it's all relative as I'll be working the required amount of days per month.
Doing Newsline this week was stressful enough knowing my shaky track record for the past two episodes. I was extra cautious during transcribing, even more so because the guests' English was atrocious. But good thing is that while they stutter and talk slower than normal English speakers, it also means less typing overall. I'm splitting the Newsline duty over two days from now on - first day to transcribe and proof, the second to proof again with another person. After all it's difficult proofing your own words. It'll mean putting in more work but alas, for the sake of ATV English News' reputation, it'll be worth it.

My flare-up is dying down now, I wish we had gone to 'nam this week instead while it was its worst. But I should still have some traces left by the time I get there.
It was weird explaining that I'm going there for medical reasons. What kind of lame excuse is that? They'll think. I'm half-excited in going, I don't know what to expect of this doctor (that's if we can find him). I've misplaced my confidence before so I guess I'm not expecting much really.
Taking pictures around the city would be cool though.