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Friday, September 01, 2006

Henderson Land's advertising

A while back I ranted on about Henderson Land's TV ads for their CentreStage apartments in Sheung Wan (they marketed it as Central, but so obviously not in Central).
But the bone I picked with them is the quality of their advertising.
Not only does it typify the 'borgeoise' style of approach and imagery, Henderson only seems to want white people (or just plainly non-Chinese) to take up residences. I mean, they put up a banner on Queen's road near all those other borgeoise shops like Gucci and Louis Vitton, with two obviously caucasian looking models for CentreStage. What does that tell you? Chinese aren't rich or cultural enough for your ridiculously overpriced apartments?
Now comes the blitz for their Grand Waterfront. The full version TV ad is roughly a minute long, even had the balls to recruit Jennifer Hawkins, a Miss. Universe. All the other dim extras in the ad are also non-Chinese.