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Monday, September 18, 2006

Bothersome anniversaries

China 'celebrates' the 75th anniversary of Japan's World War 2 invasion today.
It's high-time at Beijing's Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall! (Yes it's really called that). But I'm sure it'll be aptly renamed later to lure in tourists, just like how Vietnam changed theirs.
A new film "Tokyo Trial" is also released nationwide at half-price and across 100 universities depicting the trial of 28 Japanese war criminals. Commie-owned Xinhua News Agency alleges the film to promote patriotism and pursuit of peace instead of Jap-banging.
Does this stir the anger of Japanese? Are they going to protest, burn the Chinese flag or ransack Chinese department stores? No. Because for some reason the Commies can't get over it! You don't see the Poles, Norwegians or Russians doing their own anti-German celebrations. Yes the Chinese suffered horrible losses and came back winning (with the help of the Allies). But sometimes enough is enough right? So what if Koizumi visits the Yasukuni Shrine, his intent to pray for peace and for the war dead, but so what if war criminals are there too? I doubt if there hadn't been any war crime by the Chinese side also. Everything is so face value to these dumbnuts - they pick the easiest form of representation to voice their anger, why? Because they're fucking retards who's national pride is based on their own subjugation by the Commies.
And look at what Pope Benedict said: he may or may not said those words with intended malignity but just like any "he said, she said bullshit," the damage has already been done.
Well here's a remark that should offend everyone in full circumference:
"FUCK ALL RELIGIONS!" Screw all those 'harmony' t-shirts because it's just not going to happen. A few small words can just ruin everything so why not put religion behind us instead of between us. Richard Dawkins is right, religion is pure bollocks, it's really the "Root of all Evil."