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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Classical crossovers from hell!

Apparently classical crossovers were the biggest growth in music genre last year.
The likes of Il Divo, Andrea Bocelli, Katherine Jenkins and Vittorio have been gliding along smoothly on Hong Kong's mainstream television.
Is it making a comeback? Or rather a stab at a new genre? Anyway, it seems popular among 'cultured' people and particularly among middle aged women according to AC Nielsen. Well guess what folks, it's just as bad as your everyday pop music: most are all cover songs - wasn't a very masculine start to Vittorio's ad with 'My Heart Will Go On' - and I can't imagine it being a very good live experience, they'll have to sing note for note so what's the friggin difference than dubbing?
I'm in no position to say it's bad music, after all they do have immensely talented voices, but hell, they do not deserve to call themselves artists, more like classical karaoke.