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Monday, April 02, 2007

Ah Dee's back!!

Looks like Ah Dee's getting stressed; he's showing more white hairs than his last TV spots with his new one out the last week.
So it seems US Body Power ignored the Consumer Council's findings that in fact those so-called magic crystals does feck all. I found it odd that their report didn't mention once the company's name.
The company's either extremely confident in their products, or maybe they think all their annoying TV spots would actually work.
As for me, like most sensible people, I would have an initial suspicion of such new-age health products. I do not openly doubt US Body Power's effectiveness, but then I again I practice ch'i kung, an ancient Chinese exercise technique that promotes good health. Well actually the more I did it, it became more of a relaxation method so I never really bothered with the potential health effects, if any, and even if there were I probably won't notice it either as results aren't guaranteed. If so most likely they'd be subtle and only over a long term. Ch'i kng can be practiced by anybody (and for free) and it's not a religion or cult.
Who knows, their product could even be a placebo? Nevertheless my criticism stands, their commercials suck!!