[chinese blood, irish heart] - DEFUNCT: Revelations

Monday, May 14, 2007


Soon after my great grandfather passed away some startling revelations came about of his past.
Although I only started meeting him occasionaly since moving here 1.5 years ago - he had "tea" everyday at a restaurant across my place and I would sometimes dine with him and other fellow relatives and friends. All I knew about his past was that he was a police officer in the 50s.
So shortly after his funeral we conversed with relatives and one of my aunts confessed that after quitting the police he mingled with the triads, soon becoming a triad boss. Although he kept it hush-hush from the family, we knew that he was involved in at least illegal gambling and drugs. During those years the triads were very active, so I'm sure he'd seen some wild shit in his time.
And those "friends" of his that frequently have tea with him and whom I've got to know were in fact his past subordinates in the triad. The proper term via Cantonese is something like "disciple", but in terms of criminal activity.
I first got suspicious when a group of young triad members like from the movies coming in to pay their respects. I also learned afterwards that there was a noticeable police presence around the event. It was confirmed after my aunt told me that the ex-triad who arranged the funeral's processions, warned the triads of the police so only a few of them came... in which case otherwise there would've been a whole gang of them there!
Not that I mind at all, I'm really curious about his past and will need to be quite diplomatic in further inquiries.
It's just unfortunate I had to learn about this under those circumstances.