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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Grumpy models

Went to an agonising video shoot for Style Magazine recently.
The make-up went on for two hours and the actual photo shoot took only 15 minutes.
Anyway, the model, who was Eastern European, was all grumpy and frowns, and looked like she wasn't enjoying the process nor the attention.
You know when you see all those models' poses where they look real constipated or just downright pissed? Well that's because they all really are! OK probably not constipated.
Apparently, someone gave me the lowdown that East Europeans and Latin Americans are the worst to work with. Some just have an attitude you could cut with a butcher knife, either because they worked their way up from the 'ghetto' or the stuck-up syndrome.
Although the vid shoot with rising star Isabella Leung was more fun. (Chick from 'Isabella' and 'Spider Lillies' yes the lesbo action one)