[chinese blood, irish heart] - DEFUNCT: First week on the job

Saturday, May 19, 2007

First week on the job

It's been a tiring week, what with starting my first real full time job in Hong Kong.
But it's also been a great learning experience and getting to know the crew. I shot and edited two videos but I had to use goddamn elementary Pinnacle. Filmed some two interesting characters: legendary political cartoonist Zunzi and an upcoming young film director Mak Yan-yan.
I've got to get my laptop fixed since lousy Sony won't provide with system drivers - I got rid of Vista - so I can starting busting out edits with Premiere and After FX.
Anyway, I think I've gotten over my teething problems with script reading. I had a slight speech impediment as a child and I guess I haven't gotten over 100 percent. Now I just think I speak too fast and sometimes slur. But check it out for yourself at SCMP's Podcasting page.

It'll be busy in the upcoming month since SCMP's launching a brand spanking new website on May 30th so stay tuned.