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Friday, June 15, 2007

Hong Kong = fun?

I was recently thinking what's *fun* to do in Hong Kong for tourists other than shopping, dining and sightseeing the urban landscape.
Sure you can see the world's tallest that and Asia's biggest this, but in the end every attraction would end up emptying your wallet.
Hong Kong may be the so-called worldly international city but it's not even a place to experience authentic Chinese culture. Everybody seems to be talking up China, and sadly most is true. Hong Kong really needs to revamp its tourism industry, but it's hard to shake the old hands when most of Hong Kong's tourists are mainlanders, ya know, the one's who can't afford to go to Japan's Disneyland and buy non-fake goods. (Well, except for that mongoloid jeweller who sold fake goods to mainlanders a while ago - what an idiot - trying to outfake mainlanders!)
We don't have hutongs like Beijing, the colonial taste of Macau, the modern oriental fusion archticture of Shanghai or the cultural attraction of the Japanese.
Especially since we're such a small territory, there's not a whole lot to do outdoors unless you're willing to pack like commandos going to war to places like the outlying islands or good hiking spots like Tai Mo Shan. And you really do need a car.
And sports? Well, I don't like to play any sport on concrete, or fake grass for that matter.
All the cool little spots around the city like the public snake butcher or the vibrant markets that didn't sell out to tourists have all gone. - paved over in the name of development, and er, health regulations.
And all the other good little things one can do, it can be done within a few days. It's hard to sustain *fun* here, except if you've got a determined set of friends and a designated drinking spot, you'll be bored out of your mind. Unless you're filthy rich of course.