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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Quite proud of this...

It's rare we get to produce our own stories (as in without tagging along with reporters), so hopefully we'll get to do more.

Just a little background on this: the story of Lan Fong Yuen, a little green dai pai dong on Gage Street is well known by now - the government will not extend the DPD licence to it when its original owner dies.
His son, Lam Chun-yip now runs the place, and although Lan Fong Yuen has two more interior 'cha chan tengs' behind the original DPD, it would be a loss for both the establishment as well as local heritage.
Oh, and it's famous for 'silk stocking' milk tea (or pantyhose for you yanks), also dubbed Hong Kong-style tea for its roots here.
Personally, having grown up with Tetley's tea bags, this kind of tea is a tad strong for me... plus I'm more of a coffee drinker.