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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Give it a rest people

Batman, no doubt has been a subject of conversation or just plain bullshitting in the public sphere.
It's all "Oh, I'm going to try and see them filming at Lyndhurst Terrace..." or trying to get in on their parties, to posting their shitty photos and grainy videos online.

And as I just read from our own paper, hundreds of star-craved potential extras lined up on the set yesterday for hours - the casting director struggles to find 'good-looking' people... which just amplifies the fickleness.

Doing it on your own time is fine, but when you start bragging or even worse, being reported on, you are seriously a prick. And for what? Just to bullshit with your equally star-crazed friends that you were in a shot of a movie? Ah yes, the universal pointing to the screen and "There I am!" Well done then, now go back to your 'normal' life.

As happy as I am the Dark Knight would help promote Hong Kong (was the last film Lara Croft?) I would just laugh if the city was only featured for a few minutes. A week of filming for a big budget feature is practically nothing. However, the money spent is certainly something to be desired for us young inspired film-makers.