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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

First of all, for any of you commie fuckers who can't read English, Martin Lee's article in the Wall Street Journal was quite optimistic, and I didn't see any slight mention of the word 'boycott'.

And since how does inviting a foreign state leader to open dialogue with one's own leaders can be alleged as traitorous? From the pro-Beijingers point of view, they seem to see it as inviting 'foreign agressors' to China, hellbent on wreaking havoc.

Read the goddamn article and get a proper translator for fuck's sake.

Today the WSJ issued their comdenation against Lee's critics, saying it's an attack on free speech. But that's a tad hypocritical... after all the pro-Beijingers and state-backed newspapers are also exercising free speech, right?

Irregardless, it's hard not to see if this sudden overture of backlash against Lee is at least part of a smear campaign against Anson Chan's by-election race. Martin Lee was one of the main proponents to her running after all.

But like most scandals here, people love them but they're quick to forget too. What's next, secret nude photos taken of Regina Ip backstage? Eww...

Speaking of Regina, just saw her recently on my ex-boss's horrendous talk show, and I'm getting sick of her boasting about her 'overseas' education about democracy and what not. You want a fucking medal as well?