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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"The Roaring Twenties"

"The Roaring Twenties" is an RTE show produced/written by a once struggling writer I know of, Stephen Stubbs - more of a friend a friend and Seinfeld-obsessed - and a former classmate, Ray Sullivan.

See the second guy on the left? That's Darryl Kinsella, another former classmate who co-starred in our very first award-winning short film 7 years ago when we were 16. Actually, I'm surprised he put that on his portfolio! Good times...

What's even quirkier is that the characters are based on a group of four friends that I know, and wow, to know to base a show on their life experiences is quite exciting.
Good to know things are happening back home.


The Roaring Twenties
pilot episode will premiere on Monday, January 7th, 10:50pm, Network 2. As you might know, ratings are currency to stuck-up TV executives, so if you like what you're watching, keep tuned in! Know that if succesful, RTE will commission the crew for another 6 episodes.