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Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's a good thing

I don't know what's wrong with me but I've had a blocked nose ever since I got to Beijing. I'm practically using up a box of Kleenex every day! A TCM practitioner reckons its the dry weather that's clogging up my nostrils. In that case I better buy shares in Kleenex or Tempo because I'm gonna leave a shit load of tissue paper behind me till September...

About the TCM practitioner though, I've been taking these courses in Chinese medicine at a rather delightful establishment called 'The Hutong'. The course includes a qi gong exercise regime known as 'the Eight Treasures', diet and sleeping tips.

So far I've been waking up 15 minutes earlier than usual to do the Eight Treasures exercise (which is a lot to me!), but knowing me, I wonder how long I'll maintain the daily practice. Like many things I've taken on in the past, whether it's meditation, exercise, brewing Chinese tea or reading a book, I've always left things unfinished. But for some reason I've taken quite a shine on these Eight Treasures perhaps because my energy level has improved and my afternoon dips aren't as strong any more. Though the caffeine helps! But nevertheless I do think I'm onto something here and will try my best to follow through... until I sense concrete results.

Our last class next week deals with how emotions affect our body. That'll be er, interesting... Speaking of which, I've been feeling rather numb lately: Playing cat & mouse with security personnel in this country is dangerous and yet exhilerating. Observing people living their lives in this big city with scrutiny and at times disdain. The massive wealth gap and degrees of globalisation is both overwhelming and saddening. Sometimes I blurt out 'fucking peasant' indirectly to someone I see behaving uncivilised. Bloody hell, this is a metropolis with 15 million people so at least be a little more mindful!! But I guess this cold and calculating mindset is a good thing. My initial reason for taking on this endeavour to Beijing was to get away from myself and forget a cruel twist of fate that has wounded me two times too many. Now when I listen to my favourite song Stand Inside Your Love, I feel nothing. I still like the guitar riff and all... but it no longer has that spell of melancholy over me that would leave me staring at the ceiling for hours on end.

Yeah, it's a good thing.